10-Year-Old Malya Brings The Funk Big Time On “I’m Outta Love” In The Voice Kids Audition

10-year-old Malya brought the funk big time to The Voice Kids Germany, impressing with her sassy delivery of Anastacia’s “I’m Outta Love”. The song requires the right dose of attitude and a big low register to pull off the verse, but the schoolgirl was more than up to the task. It’s hard to believe someone so young could give such a sonorous and confident delivery of the dancefloor hit, but Malya delivered it in style without breaking a sweat.

After nailing the lower range verse, Malya let her voice really soar and hit the higher notes in the chorus flawlessly. She also showed the ability to seamlessly switch between the bolder sections and the delicate vocals in the bridge. The judges were impressed from the opening line, and immediately started vibing to the performance.

When Malya hit the chorus, judging duo Michi Beck and Smudo were the first to turn their chairs for her. Spanish-German star Álvaro Soler quickly followed in their footsteps. As she progressed through the chorus, all the judges were singing along. Before long, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Wincent Weiss had also turned their chairs, giving Malya a clean sweep.

Meyer-Landrut and Wincent Weiss had also turned their chairs, giving Malya a clean sweep. In addition to her fantastic voice, Malya really owned the room with an assertive stage presence. After turning their chairs, she got the judges up and grooving along with her on the dance floor, which is something you don’t often see on The Voice. Later in the battles round, Malya impressed with her take on Pink’s “Never Gonna Not Dance Again”.

After she finished her audition, the judges couldn’t believe their ears when Malya told them she was just 10 years old. The judges loved her performance of “I’m Outta Love” so much that they then asked for an encore.

When Malya obliged, all five judges joined her onstage and danced and sang along with the young starlet, creating a real feel-good moment. Malya’s family was ecstatic on the side of the stage while all this went down.

The Stuttgart schoolgirl then had a chat with Beck and Smudo, saying that she learned to sing before she could talk. She explained that she managed to do this by singing melodies initially without words.

Meyer-Landrut asked about her first song, and Malya revealed that she was a “huge Elsa fan”, so no doubt her parents got to hear plenty of “Let It Go” around the house.

Malya progressed through series 12 of The Voice Kids Germany as part of Beck and Smudo’s team. She made it to the finals, where she was eliminated in the televoting round. To enjoy more performances from the talented Malya, follow her on Instagram.

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