Dolly Parton Meets Black Sabbath In This Incredible Heavy Metal Cover Of ‘Jolene’

Most people reading this will be familiar with Dolly Parton and Black Sabbath, the former a country music star who made her name with tracks including ‘Jolene’, ‘9 To 5’ and ‘Coat of Many Colours’, and the latter a Birmingham group who pioneered heavy metal during the 1970s. But what would happen if you put these two artists together? Sounds unlikely, right? Well, not according to Finnish musician Otu, who recently featured an unlikely amalgamation of these two artists on his YouTube channel.

Titling the video ‘If BLACK SABBATH wrote ‘JOLENE’, Otu combines Dolly Parton’s mournful, lovesick lyrics with the instantly recognizable sound of Black Sabbath to create one truly iconic cover. Gone are the pretty acoustic guitar lines and light percussion of the original, replaced with the grinding snarl of heavy metal guitars and crashing rock drums. The vocals are completely different too, with Otu channeling Ozzy Osbourne’s nasal tone to achieve that true Black Sabbath sound.

Although it was only posted around a month ago, the video has already reached nearly 300,000 views and prompted thousands of comments from listeners. “You perfectly captured the Black Sabbath sound,” said one self-professed lifelong Sabbath fan, whilst another claimed this was “the crossover they have been waiting for”. Some viewers even went as far as to say that Dolly Parton herself would love the cover, and would be “proud” and “very happy” if she ever had the pleasure of listening to it.

This isn’t the first time Otu has found online fame with his pop/heavy metal mash-ups either. In 2023, he posted a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ in the style of thrash metal band Slayer, which has since been watched by over a million people. Using powerful, half-shouted vocals, blistering guitar solos, and aggressive drums, Otu cleverly transformed ‘Beat It’ from a funky pop song into a paragon of thrash metal, gaining the respect of numerous Slayer and Michael Jackson fans in the process.

Otu’s covers of both ‘Jolene’ and ‘Beat It’ are extremely impressive, in that they transform the songs into versions which showcase the talent of both the artist who performed them originally and the artist that is being mimicked. More importantly, however, the videos also showcase the extent of Otu’s abilities as a musician. Heavy metal is not an easy genre to master, and yet Otu has managed to master it on multiple instruments, to the extent that he can create and perform highly original covers such as the two outlined above.

For more amazing music mashups like this one, make sure to check out Moonic Productions on YouTube and also find them on Facebook.

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