Miley Cyrus’ Impeccable Blondie “Heart Of Glass” Cover SHOCKS Fans And Haters Alike

From Hannah Montana to “Wrecking Ball,” it’s easy to forget Miley Cyrus’s roots are in real, classic music. With country singer Billy Ray Cyrus for a dad and the legendary Dolly Parton for a godmother, Miley Cyrus is no stranger to the vintage glitz and glam of old-school pop/rock. But her live cover of Blondie’s hit, “Heart of Glass,” was the very definition of impeccable, completely breaking the pop star’s mould.

At 28 years old, Miley strutted the stage of the 2020 iHeart Festival with panther-esque energy in a sheer black leotard. Channelling pure, grungy sex appeal like an icon plucked from music history, Miley surprised fans and critics alike with her indomitable vocal performance. Her iconic voice was gravelled with the unrefined beauty of punk rock; a flawless vessel breathing new life into Blondie’s already captivating track.

To Miley’s young generation of fans, the pure star energy fuelling this live cover ranks miles above the original recording. Don’t worry, it’s shocking to us all. Born to perform in Franklin, Tennessee, Miley hit the Disney Channel spotlight at only 13 years old as the star of Hannah Montana. Launching her solo music career at age 15, Miley asserted herself as a force to be reckoned with her awe-inspiring 2013 album, “Bangerz,” and its noteworthy lead single, “Wrecking Ball.”

Since breaking the internet with her fresh and fearless change in attitude, Miley Cyrus continues to dominate the pop charts as one of the most authentic singers of a generation. Miley captivated the charts last year with the feminist pop #1, “Flowers,” which won her first ever Grammy Award in February 2024. She’s just dropped a new collaboration with Pharrell Williams titled, “Doctor (Work It Out)”!

With a new look reminiscent of the 1980s, listening back to Miley Cyrus’s “Heart Of Glass” cover is like witnessing a legend in the making. Without a hint of autotune, Miley captivates like a world-famous diva plucked from the golden era of music history, giving both fans and critics the impression they’re living in the age of a new icon.

Bold, beautiful, and fearless, this Blondie cover epitomizes Miley’s star power, unmatched against her contemporaries. And with over 177 million YouTube views on this one-track performance alone (alongside 19 million+ YouTube subscribers, 217 million Instagram followers, and 18.8 million TikTok followers), we all owe one to Miley Cyrus for translating the absolute best of classic pop to the next generation of fans. There’s hardly another pop star out there who captures reckless, sexy talent as authentically as this.

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