Elleigh Marie’s American Idol 2024 Performance Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Hailing from American Fork, Utah, 20-year-old cosmetologist Elleigh Marie melted the hearts of the nation and the American Idol 2024 judges with an emotional rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. The performance showcased the young talent’s inner dreams and abilities, demonstrating that she truly could become America’s next superstar.

The judges were rather surprised by the name of the town Elleigh is from; Luke Bryan notes that it must be a very patriotic town, and it’s no wonder with a name like American Fork, Utah! Nevertheless, the judges developed a respect for young Elleigh when they learned that her mother is a singer, and her father is in the air force. Her performance was heartfelt, touching, and a sign of her inner strength as she took the plunge into the world of professional music. Watch below:

Before her performance, we learn a little more about Elleigh’s family life. She describes the challenges of having a parent in the air force and the absence of her father during a tough time with her mother’s health. With her mother being diagnosed with kidney disease and thyroid disease, and her father away on duty, young Elleigh had a lot of responsibility to shoulder for someone so young. This has made her a strong person, but it is unfortunate how much she has had to endure.

Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is not only one of her biggest songs, but also one of the most beautiful ballads of female-fronted American blues. The singer-songwriter has been releasing music since 1971, with some of her most iconic works being 1971’s “Love Me Like A Man”, and 1974’s “Angel From Montgomery”. Her loving, delicate roots-inspired albums bring in something for everyone. Listen for yourself in the video below:

Elleigh did not just simply sing the song, but she felt it and according to Katy Perry, she nailed it. Giving a standing ovation, she says, “Nobody’s ever hit that note at the end, it was great!” The praise did not stop there though, with Luke Bryan noting that she is worthy of the top 10 of the competition from her audition alone!

We wish Elleigh all the best in her pursuit of becoming America’s next musical star through American Idol. If you’ve been moved by Elleigh Marie’s heartfelt story and performance, you can continue to follow her journey on her Instagram.

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