Jerry Lewis Made Rock And Roll Magic In 1958’s Rock A Bye Baby

Elvis Presley might have been the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but Jerry Lewis – “The King of Comedy” – certainly gave it a hefty shot and entertained the masses in his special way. In this video, we see the late, great rockabilly musician doing what he did best: providing exhilarating musical performances with a hint of comedy and quirkiness, all the while revealing hidden talents we didn’t even know he possessed!

The clip, taken from 1958’s Rock a Bye Baby, sees Jerry Lewis perform with a full band behind him to create a jazzy rockabilly hit that also proved to the world that the man can dance! Blending comedy and musicianship in one great clip, you get a performance that becomes unforgettable for many. With drum beats that disturb sleeping babies and some frantic bellowing, you’re in for a real treat here! Watch the timeless clip in the video below:

The 1958 musical comedy film, Rock a Bye Baby, features Jerry Lewis as Clayton Poole, a TV repairman who is exploring his feelings for his old high school girlfriend, played by Marilyn Maxwell. In a loving act of devotion, he agrees to take on the responsibility of caring for her newborn triplets after her husband – a Mexican bullfighter – is tragically killed. Overall, the movie was received fairly well, earning a rating of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Nicknamed “The King of Comedy”, Jerry Lewis was an accomplished entertainer who developed many skills during his lengthy career. From acting and singing to the delicate art of comedy, Lewis entertained the world with his thoughtful approach to observational humor, his dedication to music, and above all, bringing entertainment to the world in any way possible. He appeared in over 117 film and TV productions throughout his life, with The Nutty Professor being one of his most iconic.

Alongside a successful career as an actor and entertainer, he was also a humanitarian who became the first and only entertainer in history to ever be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. His approach to comedy and the world remains influential to this day, with many believing that he left a lasting legacy to the world. Jerry Lewis died in 2017, at the age of 91, with tributes pouring in worldwide for the late comedian.

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