Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” — The Noughties Most Memorable Songs

When the English rock band, Keane, released their debut album “Hopes and Fears” in 2004, they created the sound of that summer. While their second single, “Everybody’s Changing,” was an instant classic in the Brit Pop world, it was their debut track, “Somewhere Only We Know,” that earned the East Sussex four-piece their claim to lasting fame.

Nearly 20 years later, at the 2022 Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium, Keane performed their career-defining debut single to a bustling ocean of fans ecstatic to finally hear the band’s legendary hit live. From the sight of a grown man sitting atop shoulders and chanting the words as if it’s the world’s biggest football anthem, it’s clear the waves Keane made through the mid-00s pop scene still run currents to this day.

Keane released an obscure set of singles between 2000 and 2003 which failed to gain any inkling of commercial success. However, after switching to Island Records, Keane’s trajectory changed forever. “Somewhere Only We Know” reached #3 on the UK charts in 2004 and stayed in the Top 40 for a total of 9 weeks. It shone with a bittersweet sense of melancholy and hope, leading to the band’s second biggest single, “Everybody’s Changing,” which peaked at #4, leaving a lasting impression across UK pop.

Keane’s debut album, “Hopes and Fears,” hit #1 on the UK album charts, where it stayed for five weeks. A Top 10 album for an astonishing 40 weeks straight, “Hopes and Fears” remained in the Top 40 for a further 18 weeks — the soundtrack to the mid-00s radio era and a memory that never sours.

If anything, Keane’s music gains relevance with every passing decade. “Everybody’s Changing” takes on a new existential meaning, while “Somewhere Only We Know” harbours a timeless message of love and escape, forever relevant and heartbreaking. The Cockney pop diva, Lily Allen, brought a whole new lease of life to the track with her official cover single released for the 2013 John Lewis Christmas advert. Since then, “Somewhere Only We Know” has gone down as one of the most iconic songs to transcend UK shores this century.

Keane joined the bill at Rock Werchter 2022 alongside headlining bands, The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sum 41 and Royal Blood. All four original members from Keane’s debut album remain in the band, unbroken, to perform this awesome show, including lead vocalist Tom Chaplin (aged 43 at the time of Keane’s iconic Belgium gig), keyboardist and backing vocalist Tim Rice-Oxley (46), bassist Jesse Quin (40) and drummer Richard Hughes (46). With over 19 million YouTube views on this live performance alone, 611 million on the official music video, and 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, “Somewhere Only We Know” is one of those songs which captures memories like a honeytrap, an instant throwback and timeless classic all in one.

Enjoy the distinctive sound of English rock band, Keane. From their breakout hits “Everybody’s Changing” and “Somewhere Only We Know” to their stirring live performances, their music continues to command a dedicated fanbase. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for the latest music and tour updates. For more about the band, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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