Louisa Johnson’s Journey To X Factor Winner Started With This One Michael Jackson Cover

In 2015, the UK edition of The X Factor was about to be graced with a dazzling performance from the young and talented soul singer Louisa Johnson. With her best friend, her mother, right by her side, she felt like she had what it took to pursue her dream and finally fully embrace the world of music. Despite her determination, the nerves were immeasurable; but with the support of her family, she delivered a knockout performance and eventually won that year’s edition of The X Factor.

From the moment she entered the stage, it was clear that Louisa Johnson was struggling with the nerves of being in front of so many people at such a critical moment. Even Cheryl Cole reminded her to breathe, which may have caused a little bit of cheering from the audience but likely helped Louisa ground herself in the moment and perform to the best of her ability. From that moment on, the crowd was about to realize just how talented Louisa was with her rendition of “Who’s Loving You”.

With the concern about nerves looming before her performance, it was likely that the judges weren’t expecting a knockout performance from Louisa. However, the moment she hit her first note, Simon Cowell shot his head up in awe at her soulful bellows, and from that second onwards, they all knew that she had the potential to be a true star! With positive comments and a thumbs up from Cheryl Cole, it was clear that this young talent had a great place in The X Factor.

The King of Pop may have been best known for his pop hits that provided a heavy rhythm and groovy beat, but he was also highly admired for his soulful ballads and experimentation with musical genres. “Who’s Loving You?” released in 1969, was performed by Jackson as part of The Jackson 5, the family musical group that catapulted the Jackson family to stardom. They were perhaps best known for the funky and delightful tune “ABC”. Listen below:

Not only would this audition from Louisa Johnson earn her the respect of the judges and the nation, but it would also lead to her winning the competition that year! From her X Factor success, she has released several singles and a studio album, all of which have performed very well in both the UK and European countries.

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