The Self-Isolation Version Of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” Goes Viral Hitting 2.3M Views

During a lockdown how do you keep yourself entertained? This is a question that everyone suddenly finds themselves asking, the Marsh family have an awesome answer to it! This extraordinary creative performance comes from Kent in the UK singing their own reworked version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

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This isn’t their first viral self-isolation video either. During the first lockdown in the UK the family’s impromptu performance of Les Miserables ‘One Day’ went viral the world. You can watch that video below and read The Music Man’s article from when it happened.

They received coverage from major news companies and TV channels such as The Telegraph and the BBC as a coronavirus news story on BBC Breakfast. The song lyrics perfectly describe what everyone is feeling and thinking during this nationwide lockdown. It also looks like a great way to keep your family entertained while you’re stuck at home. In the video below, Ben Marsh and his family decided to rewrite the lyrics to the famous Les Miserables ‘One Day’ to express the feelings of a nation, this was their first video during the first lockdown in the UK back in 2020.

They practiced the routine a couple of times at dinner and over the weekend they decided they were ready to get it on video. Based on the frustrations of empty shopping selves, football being cancelled, and non-techy family members messing up skype calls, they managed to fit all our woes into one song.

Musically, they said they had to work hard on getting the harmonies to sound good, Thomas Marsh said, “We worked a lot on the harmonies, which was probably the main problem, but in terms of actual takes we just had the video camera rolling. Which is why we got the argument in it and it only took two takes.”

The full version of the original video, which we will include below, has a rather interesting family dynamic at the start. Brothers and sisters messing around and squabbling isn’t unlike any other family, especially during quarantine, and shows we’re all very much the same during this worldwide quarantine.

Getting the children to stand up and perform with passion was achieved by using Pizza as a bribery tactic. Their performance has received many nice messages and hopefully has entertained many during their own self-isolation.

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