This Man Holds A World Record For The Lowest Singing Voice Recorded

The Lowest Singing Voice In The World


Tim has held the world record for the lowest ever recorded vocal note since 2012. The note is a ridiculously low G – 7 or 0.189 Hz. To put that into perspective, G – 7 is 8 octaves lower than the lowest G note on a piano, or just over seven octaves below the piano!

This is Tim Storms, an American singer and composer who holds two Guinness World Records for “lowest note produced by a human” and the “widest vocal range”. Listen to Tim’s incredibly low voice in the video below.

Tim also holds the Guinness World Record for the widest vocal rage for a male. As the male voice gets older it tends to get lower, so Tim could potentially beat his own record as he ages.

Tim’s voice, being such a unique ability, has landed him with work in advertising and other high-profile recording opportunities.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tim was raised in Waterloo, Indiana. As explained in the video below, Tim’s lowest note is actually lower than the human ear can hear!

More About Tim Storms


Tim’s rise to fame came after he won Decca Records’ ‘Bass Hunter’ competition set up by a record company and Military Wives composer Paul Mealor, who were in search of a bass vocalist who could sing a low ‘E’.

Tim submitted his recording into the competition and won by a landslide. Not only could he go as low as the “Low E” the competition was in search of, but he could go a whole two octaves lower than that – whilst still maintaining the vocal clarity necessary to be audible.

In the video below Tim performs “That lonesome road” with very low notes in a concert with Rescue quartet.

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