6 Year Old Girl Who Is Blind And Has Autism Plays A Guitar For The First Time

Lacie Plays Guitar For The First Time

This is Lacie, at the time of the video above being filmed she was just 6 years old. After hearing the sounds of a Grimsby busker called TenkCliff playing in the distance, she was drawn into the music.

Lacie’s grandmother could see the excitement in Lacie and wheeled her over to where TenkCliff was playing. TenkCliff uploaded this beautiful moment to his YouTube channel where the video has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

TenkCliff said, “I met this beautiful little girl while I was out busking on Friday in Freshney Place Grimsby Lacie is Blind but for me, she had eyes that could see. She is also Autistic and sat in a wheelchair…”

“Her Grandma said she could hear the music and got excited and so her Grandma let her stop and listen, she told me that she was blind but for me, I didn’t see that. She said she is Autistic but again I saw a very intelligent little 7-year-old girl.”

“Honestly her voice was just beautiful, I said to her give me a high five took her hand and bounced my hand of hers, when the time came for her to leave I said High five and she hit my hand with a high five no hesitation and was right on target.”

It’s moments like this which is why we love music so much. It’s a universal language that can bring people together in the streets like nothing else!

If you want to see more from TenK Cliff subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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