Robots Are Now Playing Musical Instruments Better Than A Lot Of Musicians

When robots rule the world, atleast the music will be good…

Nigel Stanford is the musician and technical mind behind the incredible musical robotics you’re about to witness. After taking out three “Kuka Agilus KR10” robots on loan from Kuka Robotics, Nigel and his video director, Shahir Daud, created one of the most surreal music videos to date called “AUTOMATICA”.

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The video was planned and created in a garage in Connecticut where Nigel Stanford programmed Kuka robots to play musical instruments. The movements were first created as a 3D animation which the robots would then act out in real life.

Video director Shahir Daud said, “With the support of Robot Animator, a plugin by Andy Robot for Autodesk Maya, Nigel was able to move the robots visually in 3D space, then have that animation translated into physical coordinates to move the Kukas in real life.” Below you can watch an “in the making trailer” video of the robots playing the piano.

On release of the music video, Nigel said, “Robots rock, they were fun to work with. My favorite is the robotic drummer. More work to be done, and maybe I could play with them live. Stay tuned 🙂 Thank you to Kuka, Sennheiser and Roland”

If you want to see more from Nigel John Standford head over to his YouTube channel for more great videos.

What Is The KUKA Robot?

The KUKA robot is made by a German robotics manufacturer called “KUKA”. They design industrial robots mainly for factory automation and solutions, but recently, this robot has started to become a celebrity personality. KUKA has been owned by a Chinese company called “Midea Group” since 2016. When the KUKA robot is not rearranging the inside of a warehouse, you can find it playing table tennis, a Glass Harp or featuring in a music video from Nigel John Stanford.

The Kuka robot has also featured in a video with Timo Boll, a professional German table tennis player. The robot and Timo went head to head over the table in an epic cinematic video. Watch them battle it out in the video below.

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