17 Year Old Busker Sings A Beautiful Cover Of Adele In A Snowstorm

17 Year Old Busker Sings A Beautiful Cover Of Adele In A Snowstorm


While busking is a way to both build a following and earn a little money, there’s no doubt that in the UK, it can involve braving the elements. However, few buskers are hardier than 17-year-old Lauren Eve from Altrincham.

When the video begins, she is standing in front of a coffee shop, and the snow is coming down thick and fast. Lauren is clearly accustomed to this weather, though, as she’s wrapped up warm. She sings Adele’s hit Easy on Me and her voice is as clear as a bell despite the less than ideal conditions.

Even though it’s far from a nice day, Lauren still gets plenty of interest and a fair number of donations. The sweetest member of the audience is a young girl in a yellow jumper. She stays for the whole song, swaying to the music and singing along. Who knows, maybe she’ll have her own YouTube channel one day?

Lauren has certainly made a success of it. This beautiful permanent demonstrates the purity and power of her voice. Although it is entirely different to Adele’s, her rendition sounds every bit as beautiful. Somehow the snow swirling around adds an extra element to her performance.

It’s no wonder that the video has been viewed almost 167,000 times on YouTube and received over 5000 likes. One commenter summed it up perfectly:

“This is by far the best rendition of this song I’ve heard just wonderful . Everything about this performance was so fantastic the little girl in the background singing along the snow falling, what an amazing voice had to listen and watch several times. MAGICAL”

It seems like a successful career must be in Lauren’s future as she is too talented to be busking in town centres. She is building a following and now has nearly 1000 followers on her YouTube and Facebook channels.

Her popularity should definitely start to spike soon, though. This video was featured on the Altrincham Today Facebook page and has been viewed over 800,000 times. Hopefully, soon we’ll see this talented young lady making her mark across YouTube and beyond.

If you want to watch more from this brilliant up and coming artist, check out her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook.

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