Duchess Of Cambridge Singing In School Play And Playing Piano

Duchess Of Cambridge Singing In School Play and Playing Piano

Almost everyone would agree that Catherine (Kate) Middleton is a very special woman. Very few people could exhibit the grace, poise, and elegance to join the protocol, tradition and pomp surrounding the royal family and execute it flawlessly. Add to that the visibility of being married to the future monarch and being responsible for raising Prince George, and we must all be impressed at the way she conducts herself.

That's why it's so great to see a completely different side of this amazing young woman. In the first of two videos uploaded to YouTube, we see Catherine singing the lead role of Eliza Doolittle in her school play, My Fair Lady. Kate would later go on to achieve grade 5 in both singing and music theory throughout her education.

Another clip of Kate Middleton performing as “Eliza Doolittle” in My Fair Lady

Scroll down to watch Kate Middleton playing piano with Tom Walker

Although Kate is clearly a natural at acting like a lady, although a friend from that time said she did struggle initially with Eliza's cockney accent. That's hardly a surprise considering her usual cut-glass diction. However, what Kate was amazingly good at was making the audience laugh.

In the video, you can hear the audience roaring at the funny moments in her performance. Who knows, if Kate had taken a different path at university, she might have been picking up an award at the BAFTAs rather than life as the wife of the future king. She studied art history at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where she met Prince William in 2001.

Kate Plays Piano Alongside Tom Walker

Her talents don't just extend to acting, either. The Duchess organised the televised concert Royal Carols: Together At Christmas at Westminster Abbey. It was made as a thank you to all the people who have served their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kate worked with singer Tom Walker in secret to rehearse their performance before the concert. Kate met Tom at a charity event and later approached him and asked him to perform the duet with her.

Kate accompanied the professional musician flawlessly on the piano as he played the guitar and sang his Christmas hit For Those Who Can't Be Here. In a festive red dress, she played effortlessly and added a melancholy note which beautifully complimented Walker's soulful voice and the sorrow of the lyrics.

After the performance, Walker was effusive in his praise of the talented duchess. He told reporters that she absolutely nailed it and that he previously didn't know she played the piano.

As it's unlikely that we'll see many more musical performances from our future queen we'll need to keep an eye on the next generation of the royal family. Maybe they'll inherit their mother's musical talents.

If you want to watch more from this brilliant up and coming artist, check out her YouTube channel.

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