Musician Makes Affordable Violins Using Plastic Bottles So Children Can Learn To Play

Professional Musician Makes Affordable Violins So Children Can Learn To Play

Anyone who has looked into music lessons for themselves or their children knows that even small instruments do not come cheap. It's sad to think that we may miss out on the next classical music legend because they cannot afford to buy a violin, flute or trumpet.

The lack of affordable instruments is even more of an issue in Peru, where many areas are impoverished and struggle to pay for essentials. Luckily for the children of Peru, a professional violinist and music teacher called Jesús Peralta has found a way to solve this problem.

The ingenious 68-year-old has become a carpenter who makes violins out of rubbish like plywood, bottle caps and plastic bottles. That's quite a change of pace for this virtuoso who has played with legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti. However, in his studio, Jesús can produce these instruments, nicknamed Bottlephone Violins, for around £15 ($20).

This is a huge saving on the cost of a traditional violin. He explains that he realised that building these instruments in his studio was the only way he could get violins into the hands of budding musicians of the future. Take a look at this video to see these amazing instruments in action.

However, just making the instruments isn't enough for this inspiring musician. In 2012, Jesús started giving free group violin lessons in San Juan de Miraflores. This town is one of the Pueblos Jóvenes or young towns. This particular town is one of the poorest and most deprived areas in Peru's capital, Lima. Jesús founded Los Violines De San Juan to provide a musical outlet for children from this town, and many of them walk miles to attend their lessons each week.

It is clear from comments on YouTube and Facebook how popular this program is and how grateful the parents and children who benefit are. As two commenters stated:

"What a hero. We need more teachers like this"

"As someone who is in orchestra, this man is a legend and respect to him"

Everyone should extend their thanks to this remarkable musician. Let's all watch out to see if this program launches any new stars into the musical world. If you want to see more from this creative man go to his YouTube channel for more content.

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