Robot And Man Have A Musical Battle Like No Other In A Thrilling Glass Harp Off

KUKA Robot VS Timo Boll: The Glass Harp Off

What is the KUKA robot? The KUKA robot is made by a German robotics manufacturer called “KUKA”. They design industrial robots mainly for factory automation and solutions, but recently, this robot has started to become a celebrity personality. KUKA has been owned by a Chinese company called “Midea Group” since 2016. When the KUKA robot is not rearranging the inside of a warehouse, you can find it playing table tennis, a Glass Harp or featuring in a music video from Nigel John Stanford.

Who Is Timo Boll?

Timo Boll is a professional table tennis player from Germany. He currently plays for Borussia Düsseldorf and has is one of the best German table tennis players of all time, having ranked world No. 1 in 2003, 2011 and in March 2018. Anyway, let’s get to the action, watch the two go head to head in the video below.

KUKA VS Timo In A Table Tennis Match

The glass harp-off is the second meeting of the two. KUKA and Timo Boll first featured in a table tennis match together. The video was criticized by the table tennis community who wanted to see the full match between the two. Watch the first meeting in the video below.

Why Are They Doing This?

The first meeting of the table tennis star and the industrial robot became very popular on YouTube and other social networks. The videos were made as part of a marketing production called “The Duel”. They did this to mark the opening of the new KUKA robot production site in China. The table tennis battle has received multiple awards for its entertainment value and has received over 13 million views on YouTube.

KUKA Featuring In A Music Video

This robot seems to be popping up everywhere. A musician called “Nigel John Stanford” created a music video to his song “AUTOMATICA” which heavily features the robot playing musical instruments. You can watch the robotic music video below.

Learn More And Credits

If you want to learn more about this multi-talented robot, subscribe to KUKA’s YouTube channel for more interesting robotics videos like the above.

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