Bello Duo A Couple With Incredible Voices And One Big Dream

Bello Duo is a singing duo consisting of Conor Taggart and Victoria McClements. They first started singing together at weddings providing a unique service as singing waiters.

However, these two are so much more than a novelty act at a wedding, with voices like theirs, they’re destined for a brilliant career in music. Conor and Victoria’s relationship began as a strong friendship. However, in late 2019, they made the transition from good friends, to loving the couple they are today. Along with their fondness for each other, their musical talents also went hand in hand, enter – Bello Duo.

Throughout 2020, Conor and Victoria were spending a lot of time together due to C19. They were isolating in Victoria’s grandparents’ house, which is where they began to practice harmonies, and duetting together. They would perform on the streets on Thursday evenings to showcase their appreciation for the healthcare staff during the start of the C19 crisis.

It wasn’t long before their act started to gain momentum. Their voices complement each other perfectly and their harmonies are simply beautiful to listen to. With all the time in the world to practice, the duo quickly created something special.

During their relatively short time performing together, the couple have already released an album and music video. On Their YouTube channel, you can see their wonderful performance of “Danny Boy” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.

The duo are now looking forward to the future, taking bookings for weddings and other events. They are also working on their own original music which we look forward to hearing in the future. They definitely have the voices, passion, and talent to go very far!

If you’d like to watch more from this gifted duo, subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow their Facebook page.

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