Street Performer Pulls Off Unique “Neck Drop” Move In Shopping Center

This talented street performer is known as Kenichi Ebina(蛯名 健). He is a dance/martial arts performer who can pull off some incredible illusion moves. His most famous move being the “Neck Drop” where his head almost seems to disconnect from his body and fall to his chest. In the video below, watch Kenichi performing in a shopping center.

Kenichi is best known for his solo act which he performed on America’s Got Talent in 2013. He described his self-taught act as “dance-ish” which seems to incorporate multiple different styles including storytelling, acting, illusion, popping, locking and martial arts.

He went on to win the eighth series of the American talent competition in 2013. His act is truly one of a kind and shows a full range of skills from choreography and directing talents to physical and athletic performance. In the video below you can watch his audition for AGT.

Born in 1974, Kenichi studied at the University of Bridgeport in 1998. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications in the year 2000 and earned an Associates of Arts in General Studies degree from the same institution.

Where is he now? Kenichi did make an appearance in the AGT “All-Stars” season where previous winners come together in one show to compete. However, he was knocked out of the show before the finals. He is still performing and has continued to land high-profile shows, including a private party for Madonna and an NBA halftime show.

If you want to see more from this talented “dance-ish” performer, head over to his official website.

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