11-Year-Old Julian Rocks Out To AC/DC At School Talent Show

At just 11 years old, a young rocker at a school talent show rocked the crowd when he came on to perform AC/DC’s hit song “Thunderstruck”. This song is known to stump many hopeful guitarists due to its difficult riffing and overall complex introduction, but that did not stop young Julian from practicing and pursuing his dream of performing in front of a crowd. To be this good at such a young age takes true talent.

Anyone who knows the world of rock music has also surely heard of AC/DC’s immovable classic, “Thunderstruck”. From its iconic guitar to the “Aha” chanting that made its way to crowds all over the world, it’s a tried and tested fan favorite for those who love to rock it out. Despite its complexities, Julian gave it his all and showed the world that practice, and loving what you do, are essential to being a success. Watch the entire performance in the video below:

After being introduced by a fellow student, we see Julian walk on with a beautiful guitar and sporting none other than a Black Sabbath t-shirt, showing the crowd that he is indeed here to rock out to some heavy music! Wasting no time, Julian began to shred and demonstrate what he had been learning over the past few months. He hadn’t even fully learned the song from his music lessons, but he wanted to go on stage and perform it anyway, showing this young man’s bravery and determination.

AC/DC is one of the most important bands in rock music’s history. Formed in Australia in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, they would eventually go on to create some of the biggest hits in rock music and a brand that would stand the test of time. Despite having multiple lineup changes, the band has maintained a punchy sound over the years that still fills stadiums whenever they perform live. Another of their most recognizable songs is “Highway To Hell”; listen here:

According to the description in the YouTube video, Julian provides that he is a bassist at heart but expanded his skillset to include the guitar at the age of 6. Before eventually choosing “Thunderstruck”, he was initially going to perform the late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton’s performance of “Orion” from the Master of Puppets record.

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