Bruno Mars Delivers Magic In BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Adele Cover

During a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge session, Bruno Mars delivered a knockout rendition of Adele’s doting track “All I Ask”, and put his signature soulful spin on it, making it his own, while respecting the original. It’s a testament to the power of meaning that Adele’s song created, and also the diverse musicianship that Bruno Mars possesses to be able to put such a spin on an original song, with the help of backing musicians.

Complete with touching keys and synths in the background, and a minimal light setting, there was an intimate atmosphere at the Live Lounge. Bruno’s backing vocalists added a nice soulful touch to this already emotional track, with some light percussive work carrying the song through. Overall, it brought an entirely different life to this poignant track from Adele. The real question remains: which one is the best? Listen to Bruno Mars’ version in the video below and decide for yourself.

One fan commented on how Adele’s original version sounds like a breakup song, but the way that Bruno Mars has approached “All I Ask” is almost in the style of a love song. This is an interesting take on how musicians and the spins they put on music can have huge impacts on how the music is understood by the audience. Either way, this live version of “All I Ask” is bound to pull on the heartstrings.

Bruno Mars might have created his angelic version of Adele’s emotional “All I Ask”, but his claim to fame started much earlier than this video. With a staggering 130 million record sales worldwide, he is an international superstar and one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, with a music career spanning over 20 years. Alongside this, he’s been a part of some of mainstream music’s biggest hits, including the infectious “Uptown Funk”, and the love ballad “Just The Way You Are”.

The only thing that could potentially make this live version of “All I Ask” better would be if Bruno Mars and Adele joined forces to create a new duet of this loving track. Combining both of their energies and approaches to singing into one dynamic ballad would be an incredible moment to witness! We can only hope that the duo eventually comes together to create a special version of “All I Ask”.

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