15-Year-Old Joel Goncalves Became A Star After This Australian X Factor Audition

At just 15 years of age, Joel Goncalves took to the stage of Australia’s X Factor and proved himself to be superstar material in an exhilarating audition. Even though he was quite nervous before he came on stage, he explains that all he wants to do with his life is have a music career. Before coming on The X Factor, the biggest crowd he had ever sung in front of was around 20 people, which made his audition all the more nerve-wracking for poor young Joel!

Before his audition, a member of The X Factor staff asked the crowd around Joel: “Do you think this kid looks like he could be Australia’s Justin Bieber?”, suggesting that he already had superstar qualities about him before he even hit the stage. The crowd was soon about to see that he doesn’t just have the look of a superstar about him, he also sings like one! Singing his heart out, he gave a wonderful rendition of the difficult Michael Jackson hit “The Girl Is Mine”. Watch below:

Right off the bat, the judges were very impressed by Joel’s song of choice, as any Michael Jackson hit is hard to get right. Nevertheless, when he started to sing, all doubts rapidly extinguished. As soon as he entered his element, all nerves dissipated from Joel, and with his family watching on, he delivered a stunning cover of one of the King of Pop’s greatest ballads. The crowd went wild for him and could see the potential that this bright young man possessed on stage!

“The Girl Is Mine” is the first single from Michael Jackson’s legendary album, Thriller, from 1982. The record was an astounding success from start to finish and provided the world with some of the biggest hits of Michael Jackson’s career, including the infectious title track which took the world by storm upon its release. Listen here:

Joel now goes by the artist name of Joel Adams and has continued to pursue his dream career ever since being on The X Factor Australia. He released his debut single, “Please Don’t Go”, in 2015, and released his very first EP in 2020. It goes to show that while many miss out on winning talent shows such as The X Factor, the boost they can get from attending alone can take them to entirely new heights and help them achieve their dreams.

If you want to see more from the incredibly talented Joel Adams, be sure to follow him on his Instagram. From his successful audition on Australia’s X Factor at the young age of 15, he’s proven himself as a true superstar in the making. Don’t miss out on his exciting musical journey!

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