Taryn Charles Causes BGT’s First Double Standing Ovation

When Taryn Charles introduced herself on Britain’s Got Talent, she immediately seemed humble and sweet. When asked why she wanted to audition, she replied, “I like to make people smile and I think my voice is…alright.” When Taryn took the stage to sing, she appeared nervous, with tears in her eyes and shaking her hands in order to psych herself up to sing. It was a tense moment as judges and audience alike wondered whether she would work up the nerve to sing.

Then, she began to perform a rendition of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, and made famous by Aretha Franklin. Taryn did the notorious vocalist justice with a stunning, soulful performance and received a standing ovation. The crowd took their seats, only to stand up again for a second standing ovation. They began to chant, “Press the button!” until Bruno leaned over to press the Golden Buzzer, sending Taryn straight through to the next round.

Taryn was in floods of tears when it came time for the judges’ feedback. They noted how nervous Taryn was and how much the moment meant to her. When Simon asked, “Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t do this?” Taryn nodded tearfully, moved even more when Simon told her, “Boy, did you prove that person wrong.” Online viewers of Taryn’s stunning performance were just as blown away, with one fan commenting, “You know it’s good when you get the first double standing ovation on BGT!”

There are few videos of Taryn Charles performing online, with her personal YouTube channel currently having only 37 subscribers – although all that may now be about to change. Some viewers of Britain’s Got Talent recognized Taryn from her time competing on the talent show Starstruck. It is clear that Taryn has a talent for covering some of the most notorious singers of all time, as she sang an impressive version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston during her time on the show.

While Taryn has worked as an imitation artist, playing singers such as Whitney Houston and Tina Turner on tours around the country and performing on cruises, perhaps appearing on Britain’s Got Talent will allow Taryn to forge her own musical path as an individual artist. With Taryn’s soulful pipes and the support of the audience, alongside Bruno’s Golden Buzzer, there is no reason why this stunning singer shouldn’t have her own time in the sun.

For more spellbinding performances from this incredibly talented artist, subscribe to Taryn Charles on YouTube. Stay updated with her latest music and performances by following her on Facebook and Instagram. Taryn’s remarkable talent and heartfelt performances make her one to watch.

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