Joe Bonamassa Tears Up The Keeping Blues Alive Cruise With The Help Of Eric Gales

On the Keeping the Blues Alive Cruise, music history was about to be made when Joe Bonamassa teamed up with Eric Gales to create a bluesy guitar duel that would send shivers down your spine! During an electric performance on the cruise, with an impressive backing band behind them, the duo came together to play some no-nonsense guitar shredding and excited the crowd for the final song of the evening.

After a humbling, and actually rather funny, introduction, Bonamassa announces to the crowd that Eric Gales will be joining him, which is met with rapturous excitement. Little did the crowd know that they were in for a real musical treat, with both musicians tearing up the stage with incredible energy and passion. From the outset, it’s clear that these two musicians love their craft! Words can only do so much to describe; watch the dazzling performance in the video below:

This extraordinary clip was taken by Linda Moke during the Keeping the Blues Alive Mediterranean Cruise, and it captures two musicians simply in their element and having the time of their lives in the process. Bouncing off each other in a legendary jam session, the energy in the crowd must have been electric! This 13-minute clip hits an amazing climax at the 9-minute mark, where the two have a solo duel that builds in intensity until they return to the riff they began with. Musical genius.

Joe Bonamassa’s musical career is, in one word, impressive. He is known internationally as one of the biggest names in American blues rock and is highly regarded the world over. His career began when he opened for the legendary B.B. King at just twelve years old and has since rocked the whole world for decades. He is perhaps best known for “Mountain Time”, a soulful track that demonstrates this iconic musician’s passion for his craft. Listen below:

Similarly to Bonamassa, Eric Gales was considered a musical prodigy at a very early age. After picking up the guitar at four years old, he dedicated his life to blues rock, leading him to record nineteen albums over the course of his life. Alongside this, he has also worked with Prophet Posse and Three 6 Mafia. Eric Gales released a song featuring Joe Bonamassa in 2021, entitled “I Want My Crown”.

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