Voices Of Armed Forced Children’s Choir Makes Amanda Holden CRY On Britain’s Got Talent

Not many performers are personally invited to the Britain’s Got Talent stage by head judge Simon Cowell, but the Voices of Armed Forces Children’s Choir breaks the mould in more ways than one. After Simon broke procedure and visited the Choir’s rehearsal in London’s Guard’s Chapel, he was stunned by the children’s choir and the unique stories they had to share with the world. This man knows how to identify exceptional talent (and emotive stories), and Simon didn’t miss the mark at all.

The Voices of Armed Forces Children’s Choir is made up of around 50 children aged 6 to 18, whose parents are currently serving or are veterans of the armed forces. The choir was formed just the year before their 2022 BGT audition; part of the “Never Such Innocence” programme supported by the Royal British Legion. According to their site, this program “encourages children of service members to express what life is like for them through a range of activities including poetry, art, speech, and song.”

This incredible program invites the kids of Army, Royal Navy and RAF heroes to “reflect on what service life means to them.” Like Simon Cowell told the Choir after their stunning audition, “We hear a lot of people from the services tell their stories, but we never hear the kids tell their story,” making the Choir one of the most unique, heart-wrenching and unforgettable acts in Britain’s Got Talent history.

With two scarlet-outfitted Chelsea Pensioners watching their audition from the royal boxes above, the Voices of Armed Forces Children’s Choir performed an original song written by one of the Choir’s own kids during a songwriting workshop at Never Such Innocence. However, their song was not a ballad; it was a pop song entitled “Welcome Home,” which captured the raw essence of happiness that an army kid feels after their parents return from deployment.

The audience was left in tears, as was Amanda Holden, and the Choir received four out of four yes votes, along with a standing ovation from all four judges. The Choir then went on to perform another original track at the semi-finals but missed out on a place in the 15th season finale.

Many members of the Choir have hinted at the therapeutic release they feel when harmonizing with other children of the armed forces; a unique group of kids brought together by an unfortunate connection, seeking to improve their experiences. The Voices of Armed Forces Children’s Choir continues to this day, expanding its membership while encouraging army kids to bond and heal through music. There’s nothing not to love about this act!

If you want to hear more from the incredible Voices of Armed Forces Children’s Choir, make sure to follow them on their Facebook Page and be up to date with their amazing performances.

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