10-Year-Old Bjarne Reveals Huge Voice Singing “Someone You Loved” On The Voice

10-year-old Bjarne gave one of the most memorable auditions on The Voice when he sang Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved”. It’s hard to believe the huge voice coming out of the little boy onstage, who performed a blind audition on The Voice Kids Germany last month. The sweet boy came onstage holding a toy rabbit, but the voice that came out of his mouth seemed far beyond his years.

Bjarne showed off a sonorous low register as he sang the opening of the ballad, later transitioning into a clear and beautiful high range. Before Bjarne could even get to the chorus, the first judge hit his buzzer, triggering a wild celebration from the singer’s family on the side of the stage. The other judges weren’t going to miss out on this talent, and before the youngster finished the chorus, all four judges had turned their chairs for him.

Bjarne had plenty more up his sleeve, though. As he hit the big note heading into the bridge, he put so much emotion and power into it that he left judge Lena Meyer-Landrut open-mouthed in shock, and she couldn’t pick her jaw up off the floor for some time. She later called his voice “sounds that are like from heaven.”

The kid just aced his audition and everybody knew it. After the performance, the judges ran onstage to give Bjarne high fives, while Meyer-Landrut gave him a hug as she squealed in delight. It was a big moment for the young singer who had tears in his eyes, as did his proud mum. Later on, Bjarne joined Álvaro Soler as the judge played the piano and they sang a duet of Tom Odell’s “Another Love Song”.

Fans online couldn’t get enough of Bjarne, adding admiring comments beneath his audition video such as “Man, that brought a tear to my eye. Bjarne, you’ve got a bright future. I hope to hear more from you” and “This kid is really something else! What a voice! Sweet, innocent and pure!”

The blind audition on “Someone You Loved” is Bjarne’s introduction to the music industry, and he’s got the world ahead of him now. So far, no more performance videos from the young star have emerged, but no doubt as the season continues, we’ll continue to hear great things from the lad.

You can witness more of Bjarne’s heavenly voice and follow his incredible journey on his Instagram account. He consistently wows his audience with his powerful vocal range and leaves everyone in awe of his talent. A true young prodigy in the making, Bjarne is not one to be missed.

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