James Wilson Delivers Touching Performance Of Ray Lamontagne’s “Joelene” Despite Nerves

Everybody in life deserves a chance to chase their dreams and succeed in whatever they want to in life. As we understand more about people and their paths in life, we also come to understand that some people struggle more than others in certain areas, such as today’s contestant: James Wilson. His dyslexia has led to difficulties in aspects of his life, but that hasn’t stopped him from giving it his all on national TV and showing the world his talent.

When James Wilson entered The X Factor, it was due to his decision to simply have a blast and try his hand at a music career solo. After trying in several bands and being dropped, partially due to his struggles with keeping up with reading lyrics, he decided to pluck up the courage to go onto national television and deliver a touching rendition of Ray Lamontagne’s “Jolene” below:

Before his audition in front of the X Factor judges, James Wilson explains some of his life outside of his music. He is a joiner by trade and lives in a caravan in the Yorkshire Dales, living a fairly secluded life except for his dog, Zack. Despite his struggles, the 34-year-old from Leeds has succeeded as a cabinet maker and wanted to take a shot at music after indulging in it from a young age.

“Jolene” is arguably one of Ray Lamontagne’s most recognizable tracks, but it’s not to be confused with Dolly Parton’s country classic. Lamontagne is an American singer-songwriter who focuses on deeply personal topics and is a very private person in his personal life. He’s known for introspective acoustic tracks that pull on the heart strings and is a true poet with a guitar. Listen to Ray Lamontagne’s original version of “Jolene” below:

From the moment James Wilson begins his audition, it’s quite clear that he is incredibly nervous. So much so in fact, that he stumbles on his lyrics halfway through, resulting in his accompaniment and Dermot O’Leary watching in anticipation hoping that he pushes through. To everyone’s happiness, James continues and finishes his performance, with relief on his face during his final notes.

The judge’s comments, while positive, were also of doubt and concern for his continuation in the competition. Sharon Osbourne comments on his nerves and how the emotions of the performer influence the emotions of the audience, which is something to work on. More comfort in his craft could take James Wilson a long way, according to Louis Walsh. Despite the negative comments, Wilson received four ‘yes’’ and continued into the next stage of the competition.

Sadly, James Wilson’s journey came to an end after coach Sharon Osbourne decided that he would not be going on to the competition’s live shows. His social media has been quiet in recent years, but he has been seen performing at several venues since his X Factor appearance. We hope that he finds his confidence to perform, and nurtures his gift in the years to come. If you would like to see more from James Wilson, you can follow him on Facebook.

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