Luca Di Stefano Takes On Marvin Gaye’s Classic “Let’s Get It On” During His America’s Got Talent Audition And Crushes It

One of the best aspects of talent shows worldwide is that, amongst all of us ordinary people living ordinary lives, there lie people with hidden talents who are just waiting for their moment to shine and show what they have to offer. One contestant, Luca Di Stefano, is one such person who blew the America’s Got Talent judges away with his version of a romantic classic.

As Terry Crews introduces the act backstage, we catch a glimpse of his personality and expect big things from the outset. Little did the audience, nor the judges, know however that they were about to be treated to a cover of none other than Marvin Gaye’s classic “Let’s Get It On”. His vocals were the most unexpected aspect of his performance, and you can watch the clip in its entirety in the video below.

Not only did Luca De Stefano wow the crowd with his dazzling performance, but he moved the judges with this near-perfect rendition of this love classic. So much so, that he got judge Heidi Klum, the German-American model and television host who was part of the judging panel, to begin to dance elegantly in her seat throughout his performance. It would be hard-pressed to find a better wordless complement.

Where Luca Di Stefano stood out was with his rather unexpectedly baritone voice whilst performing Marvin Gaye’s otherwise fairly falsetto classic. This shift in tone provided a smooth, silky background to an already romantic song, making it drenched in atmosphere and allure in aplomb. You can compare Luca Di Stefano’s rendition against the timeless classic presented by Marvin Gaye live in the video below:

Needless to say, the judge’s reception towards Luca di Stefano after his performance was electric. To begin with, Heidi Klum was in disbelief that the voice that she was hearing belonged to this young man, but quickly recognized that he had a gift that he must nurture because he could do very well in life with it. Even the tough-as-nails Simon Cowell was impressed with the performance and described his shock upon hearing Luca Di Stefano’s voice.

Talent shows such as America’s Got Talent have provided the world with some of the greatest modern voices to grace the airwaves, and it’s easy to see why the shows are so popular all over the world. Their viewership numbers are in the millions, and consistently bring new talent to the big screen to see if they can break through into one of the fiercest industries in the world.

Sadly, Luca Di Stefano’s journey on America’s Got Talent was cut short, but not due to being eliminated. Before the Judge’s Cuts fairly early into the competition, the young singer announced on social media that he was exiting the competition. We hope that Luca is finding success in whatever avenue he is pursuing and that he continues to use his voice to entertain as he truly has a gift that is worth sharing with the world.

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