Selena Gomez Surprises Fan Recording “Kill ‘Em With Kindness Cover”… In Her Own Home

Getting to meet one of your idols is a dream come true to many, and for some, it becomes far more than a dream. 22-year-old Sophie Saunders, a Selena Gomez superfan from Australia, dedicated a large portion of her year to following Gomez on the Australian leg of her World Revival Tour. Little did she know that she was soon to come face-to-face with her idol in a surprise she will never forget.

Kyle and Jackie O, hosts of a breakfast radio show in Australia, heard of Sophie Saunders’ dedication to Selena Gomez and knew that they had to pull off something special for her. After contacting Saunders and instructing her to send a fan-made cover of “Kill ‘Em With Kindness”, they organized a surprise that would be the envy of fans all over the world. Watch the video below:

In the video, Sophie Saunders describes her love for Selena Gomez and how her music makes her feel. The excitement for her World Revival Tour hitting Australia, and being able to see Selena Gomez live for the first time, leaves her emotional just talking about the subject.

She also mentions that she established social media pages for Selena Gomez fans in Australia, to show that there was a demand for her to perform here and also to create a larger community of like-minded fans to discuss their interests and appreciation for Selena Gomez.

Her dedication paid off, and Selena Gomez is shown in a car driving to Sophie Saunders’ house to surprise her while she is recording her cover of “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” in her own bedroom. To say Saunders was surprised when Selena Gomez herself entered the room mid-cover would be an understatement, and after an incredibly emotional meeting, the two women share their appreciation for each other and thank each other for their support.

Sophie Saunders is an incredibly dedicated fan, but respect must also be given to Gomez for doing such a kind act for a true admirer of her music. “I can’t believe that just happened. I can’t believe she took the time to come and see me”, Sophie says, as she realizes she will likely be the envy of her friends for years to come.

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