Jacob Koopman Sings Ed Sheeran’s Perfect With Crowd

A Busker’s Equipment Failed During A Song. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next!


Shoppers on Grafton Street in Dublin are no strangers to fantastic musical performances. The street is a favourite for buskers, and many of them have appeared in viral videos on YouTube. Every now and then, a truly unforgettable performance appears, though. This one is brought to us courtesy of Jacob Koopman and the watching crowd on Grafton Street. It’s sweet, heartfelt, and incredibly touching.

Jacob was singing one of Ed Sheeran’s most famous hits, Perfect. If you’re thinking this video went viral because Ed Sheeran made one of his surprise appearances, then you’re wrong. As great as these cameos are, this is far more special. When the video begins, it seems like a normal day. Jacob is singing and playing the guitar while an audience slowly builds. Jacob is obviously lost in the music and sways in time with the melody. The crowd is smiling and clearly loving his performance.

However, about a minute in, disaster strikes! Jacob’s equipment fails, and his performance halts. No one could have predicted what happened next. Barely missing a beat, the crowd picks up exactly where Jacob stopped. They sing the song in perfect unity and harmony, in one of the most heartwarming displays you could ever hope to see. Jacob looks surprised at first before smiling in delight as he bends down to fix his troublesome equipment.

It took around a minute to correct the problem, and the crowd carried the song the whole time. The camera pans to view them all, smiling and swaying together. It was a moment where everyone was on the same page, feeling part of something bigger, a perfect sense of unity. It seems that all their cares slipped away in that moment, and they lost themselves in the beautiful tune and lyrics they knew so well.

The video was uploaded to the Dublin Today page on YouTube and has been watched more than 20 million times to date. The comments are full of emotion, and everyone seems to have been uplifted by this magical performance. Loveliest of all, Jacob himself checked in to thank everyone, saying: ‘It’s amazing how far this went!!! Just want to send you all the love. Thanks for taking this video so far people.” I think we all hope we might get to do something like this one day. Fingers crossed for us all!

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