Tiny Baby Monkey Becomes Fast Friends With A Piglet

Bibi The Monkey

This is Bibi, a baby rescue monkey with a heart of gold. She makes friends with different animals that she meets at Animal’s Home in Indonesia.

She seems to make friends everywhere she goes. She’s met ducks, pigs, parrots and dogs, quickly befriending them all in some of the cutest videos you’ll perhaps ever see! Take a look at this first video where Bibi meets a piglet and shares some cabbage.

Bibi has caught the hearts of millions around the world with her natural curiosity and playful attitude. Animals Home is a very impressive YouTube channel who says on their about us page, “If you have the opportunity to come to Indonesia, remember to visit BiBi’s family!”.

They started uploading videos to YouTube in 2020 and have already racked up over 2.6 billion views…yes BILLION. This makes Bibi one of the biggest internet stars in history. The little monkey from Indonesia gets up to all sorts of things on that channel from rowing boats to cooking. So if you liked these videos make sure to check out their page.

If you want to see more from this incredibly cute monkey (and her friends), head over to Animal Home’s YouTube channel and subscribe for more brilliant videos.

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