Bryan Adams And Pavarotti Sing Unforgettable Duet Of O Sole Mio

Bryan Adams and Pavarotti Sing Unforgettable Duet of O Sole Mio

One of the greatest things about music is how different genres and singers with completely different voices can blend to create something unique and amazing. That's certainly the case in the legendary duet performed by renowned tenor Luciano Pavarotti and rock star Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams is no stranger to performing with some of the greatest artists of the last forty years. He has formed duets with Sting, Tina Turner, and Barbara Streisand.

However, no one would have bet on his becoming friends with the famous opera singer and recording a classic Italian song with him. That's exactly what happened, though. Many people don't know that it's a duet that almost didn't happen. In a radio interview, Bryan explains that when Pavarotti called him out of the blue, he thought it was one of his friends playing a practical joke:"I thought it was a prank call, because he had a really strong Italian accent."

Once Bryan realised it was Pavarotti himself, the pair chatted, and Luciano asked if he would consider duetting with him. That's when a spellbinding performance of O Sole Mio was born.

Since it was written in 1898, O Sole Mio has been performed countless times by many different singers. Pavarotti's rendition has the distinction of winning a Grammy for the Best Classical Vocal Performance in 1980. Bryan must have had some trepidation performing this alongside a man who had already made the virtually definitive version.

Lucky for us, Bryan agreed to the duet, and the pair sang O Sole Mio on Italian tv accompanied by a live orchestra. Bryan begins the piece alone, and Luciano joins in later.

The depth and emotion the two voices bring to the song are incredible. After Bryan has sung the first verse, Luciano is clearly delighted and even gives a little bow to his companion. The friendship and liking the two men share is clear to see, and it adds a lovely touch to the performance.

The performance came to light again when Bryan posted it on his YouTube page on Luciano's 59th birthday as a tribute to his friend. All of us who weren't in Italy to see the original performance are very grateful he did.

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