When Three Teenagers Lit Up The Stage With A Powerful Performance Of “‘O Sole Mio”

Il Volo or “The Flight” are a pop operatic trio of extremely talented individuals. Easy on the eyes and backed by stupendous talent the trio first came to light in the American Idol finals as part of the top three. Watch their career starting performance in the video below – all three voices are extraordinary.

About Il Volo

The group has since launched into a series of very successful tours and shows which have seen them performing to full-packed shows all over the world. Originating from Italy, Gianluca Ginoblea baritone, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boshetto two tenors seem to have taken to performing like fish to water.

In the performance, the trio are dressed in their usual smart casual style, only teenagers at the time, their usual style and intense genre is somewhat counterbalanced by their cheeky grins and casual performance. The song they perform “‘O Sole Mio” by the late and great Luciano Pavarotti has a distinctly Latin feel to it.

The introduction of Spanish guitar and the catchy drumbeat adding a distinctly upbeat Latin style to the lyric tempo and performance style.

This change of pace truly made the performance their own to differentiate between their version and the original Pavarotti version. The trio is a real crowd pleaser and their cheeky antics on stage delight the crowd, they work in perfect harmony as a trio of their style should.

Following their performance on American Idol, they went on to pursue their music career, finding success and fame on their way. The three have stayed together and have only performed better and better as the years have gone by. Being at the age of 16 and 17 when they first debuted on the American talent show, they had already amassed a wealth of confidence that would see them through the competition.

It’s impressive to watch the young performers do their thing as they perform with the zest of teenagers, yet, with the refined control of seasoned professionals, years into their performing careers.

Opera is notoriously difficult to break from and into the public domain, particularly in the mainstream music industry, however, this trio of extremely talented performers seem to have smashed it out of the park.

Click on the video to watch this spectacular performance.

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