Street Performer Brings Bob Marley Back To Life In Puppet Form

There are some fantastic musicians, artists, and acts performing on the streets and this puppetmaster has to go up there with one of the most interesting. This is Nicolae Ciubotaru, aged 40, a puppeteer who has been videoed all over the UK showcasing his brilliant act.

Nicolae Ciubotaru is a Romanian street artist who has been travelling around showcasing his wonderful talents for over 17 years.

Nicolae has been seen performing in multiple major cities across the UK. The street artist has puppets such as Michael Jackson and Bob Marley – two definite crowd favourites. These brilliant puppet acts have been keeping tourists and commuters entertained on the streets for many years, including this next video of the iconic Freddie Mercury. Below is a performance in Madrid, Spain, by street artist Marionette.

Who would have known puppets could be so lifelike and even display the mannerisms of some of our most iconic music legends? If you have ever come across any of these brilliant puppet performers on your holidays or in your local area please tell us about it in the comments on Facebook – or even better, send us a video!

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