Man In A Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

Witness The Beautiful Moment A Man In A Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

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The power music has to evoke emotions and bring back memory is well known. However, did you know that it can also revive patients who have advanced Alzheimer's? A video on YouTube shows the beautiful moment when a man named Henry hears music from his era. When the video begins, he sits at a table with his head bowed and seems completely unresponsive. It appears his illness has taken away the man he was completely. Then his recreational therapist appears.

She is carrying an mp3 and headphones and informs him that she has music for him to listen to. The effect the music has on Henry is instantaneous. He lifts his head, bobs to the music and begins to sing along; the effect is overwhelming. Before you watch this beautiful moment, please be warned this video is very emotional. We see his daughter and his therapist Yvonne Russell talking about who Henry was, how he is now, and the devastating impact this illness can have. It is almost impossible to watch it without tears in your eyes.

This amazing and heartwarming phenomenon is being investigated as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's. Therapist Yvonne explains that she had worked with another patient for almost two years. This lady was virtually unresponsive and kept her eyes closed the majority of the time. She had tried every treatment she knew, and nothing made a difference. Then the music players were introduced to the facility.

Yvonne asked the patient's family what type of music she liked. They put the headphones on and pressed play. Just as with Henry, the effect was instantaneous. She tapped her feet, bobbed her head and was more engaged and alive than she had been in years. At this point, Yvonne becomes too overwhelmed with emotion to continue. This remarkable video gives hope to carers and family members of those with Alzheimer's. That against all odds, there may be a way to reach them again.

Let's hope this vital work continues and makes a positive change in the lives of many more people. Till then, watch the videos and be sure to have a hankie ready.

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