World Record Breaking Drum Set 813 Pieces And Still Growing

Check Out A World Record Breaking Drum Set – 813 Pieces And Still Growing!

Meet Dr Mark Temperato, the man who has smashed the world record for the largest drum set. YouTube videos are always entertaining and frequently impressive, but it's rare to watch one created by a genuine record-breaker. This astonishing set is a wonder to behold, and it's no wonder it has taken Dr Temperato almost 40 years to put together. This set is not just a record-breaker; it's a record smasher!

Dr Temperato was informed he had broken the world record for the largest drum set over ten years ago in 2011. Back then, his set was a mere 340 pieces which was sufficient to snatch the world record. In the last ten years, though, it has more than doubled to become the mind-boggling size it is today. Of course, it has to be seen to be believed, so check out this video uploaded by Dr Temperato. It has been viewed over a million times and seems to have captured the imagination of viewers around the world.

As well as being his passion, Dr Temperato uses his drum kit in his church. He is a minister in Lakeville, New York, at the Breath of Worship Church. He uses his drum kit to draw attention to the church, which allows him to follow his mission to spread the word of God. Doing this is no small feat, however. It takes over fifteen hours for four people to assemble it fully.

It seems likely he doesn't move his set around very often! The set has its own customer 18-wheel lorry to transport it when he does.

When he wants to play, Dr Temperato sits in a specially made chair that elevates him to a place where he can reach every single element. Believe it or not, it takes him an hour to hit every single piece in his collection. It would take more than a few lessons even to understand the set, let alone play it.

Dr Temperato has decided to take a well-earned break and leave the collection at 813 pieces for now. Who knows if this will be that case forever. One day we may witness the first 1000 piece drum set! Let's keep an eye on Dr Temperato and see. If you want to see more from this massive drum kit subscribe to Dr Temperato’s YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter.

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