Christoph Sietzen Master Percussionist From Luxembourg

Christoph Sietzen Master Percussionist

Christoph Sietzen has the distinction of being one of the world's best percussionists. As he is not even 30-years-old, this is an impressive accomplishment. Although he is a citizen of Luxembourg, Christoph was born in Salzburg, Austria.

Although most six-year-olds are only interested in playing with friends and having fun, Christoph was already playing percussion by this age. Perhaps that explains why he was talented enough to make his debut at the Salzburg Festival when he was only twelve. This performance was the start of a meteoric rise to prominence.

About Christoph Sietzen

Christoph entered and won a large number of music prizes in his teenage years. He won first place ten times at the Prima la Musica Competition, for example. At 18, he found time to attend university, studying the double bass and harpsichord and perform as a soloist with many famous orchestras.

As well as performing in public, Christoph has also become famous on social media. His YouTube channel has 34,000 subscribers, and many of his videos have millions of views. In the video above, he plays Emmanuel Séjourné’s Attraction on the marimba and vibraphone.

Christoph's skill and virtuosity are truly incredible. He strikes the keys with amazing precision and sways totally in time with the music as he plays. What is even more impressive is that he plays with two mallets in each hand.

Many talented musicians would struggle to play with just one as well as Christoph does. The whole piece is dynamic and exciting and demonstrates the exceptional musical ability Christoph has been blessed with.

Once you watch the video, it's easy to see why he has won so many competitions and awards. He was awarded the Young Artist Award at the International Classical Music Awards in 2018, and he was awarded the Opus Klassik as Newcomer of the Year in 2019. He also released three albums, Attraction, Incantations and Silence which have all won awards too.

Little is known about Christoph's private life, so it is unclear whether he has a romantic partner or not. However, we can only hope this musical genius has someone to share his life and his talent with. Let's hope for more videos of his amazing performances soon.

If you want to see more from this talented musician, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Facebook or for more information, take a look at his official website.

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