Incredible Farmers Boost Spirits With Shuffle Dancing In The Fields

Farmers Shuffle Dance In The Fields

A farming couple in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province have recently become internet sensations after multiple videos showcasing them shuffle dancing went viral. In the videos, the couple would dance whilst at work on the fields with some of the biggest smiles you’ll ever see on their faces.

The dancer’s names are Fan Deduo and Peng Xiaoying. They live in a very rural area where they work in the fields farming crops.

So why did they start dancing? Unfortunately, a few years ago Fan was in a car crash which affected him psychologically and he ended up feeling very depressed about the incident.

After going to see a doctor about his depression, Fan was suggested to “get more exercise to raise his spirits” – it was then that Peng suggested they learn to shuffle dance together. A farm isn’t a place you would expect a viral dancing trend to start, but the internet is the gift that keeps on giving and this time it’s given us shuffle dancing farmers – and thankfully, very happy ones too!

After starting to learn how to shuffle dance the change in Fan’s mood was almost instantly noticeable. He started to open up about his difficult thoughts as he engaged in activities that would flood his body with endorphins.

Now Fan is much more optimistic and as you can see in the videos, he absolutely loves the “ghost step dance”. “Whenever we feel upset, the shuffle dance always helps cheer us up and lighten our mood. It has been such an uplift in our lives,” Peng said. “I think the main reason we get so happy when we dance has to do with the idea of our exercising with the shuffle on the ridges. It’s really exciting.”

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