Evgeny Khmara A Talented Ukrainian Pianist And Composer

Professional Pianist Sits Down At Public Piano

If you’re a fan of the piano or even great music, then you need to check out the work of Evgeny Khmara. He is a Ukrainian pianist and composer who has been playing since he was a child and wrote his first composition when he was only seven years old!

Evgeny grew up to become a virtuoso pianist and has played concerts all over the world. Some of the incredible and illustrious venues he has performed in include Buckingham Palace, The White House, the Yamaha World Conference in Dubai and a diplomatic reception in Kuwait. That’s a pretty impressive list, no matter who you are.

Unsurprisingly, he has also won a number of awards and accolades. He has reached the finals in “Ukraine got talent”, been an ambassador for the Volvo brand and been voted Man of The Year in Ukraine. In addition, Evgeny has a massive social media presence with over 230,000 subscribers on YouTube. His videos frequently go viral and, combined, have been viewed a mind-boggling total of 115 million times!

The thing that makes these achievements even more incredible, though, is the Evgeny also likes to perform for the public in many unusual venues. He has played in airports, shopping centres and out on the street. There’s never any fanfare or announcement; there’s just a piano there. He quietly walks up to it, sits down and starts to play.

The venues, pianos and tunes may change each time, but one thing never does…the reaction of the public. As you’ll see in the amazing video below, at first, they look around confused and unsure where the music is coming from. Then they spot Evgeny playing and can’t help but be drawn in. They seem to be in a trance due to the beauty of the music, the skilfulness of his playing, and the way his body sways as he becomes one with the music.

To see such an incredible performance at a concert hall is fantastic, but when you’re simply walking through an airport or along the street, it’s even better. You can’t help but smile at your luck. That you just happened to be here at the right time. We can’t all be so lucky to be there live, but you can still enjoy this incredible performance right here.

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