Shirley Goodman The Dancing Nana Who Is 98 Years Young

The Dancing Nana Shirley Goodman

Meet Shirley Goodman AKA The Dancing Nana who is 98 years old (or years young as she would say). Shirley is a true believer in the power of dance. After multiple videos of her dancing have gone viral online, Shirley has become a bit of an internet sensation and inspiration for many.

The Dancing Nana is a grandmother to 10 and a great grandmother of 3 but this never stops her from hitting up the dance floor at every opportunity she gets.

After one of her grandchildren uploaded a video of her dancing during her great-nephew’s wedding, Shirley quickly become an online sensation racking up millions of views for her high-energy dancing.

After hitting nearly 50 million views Shirley said, “It’s overwhelming, it’s wonderful,” Goodman said today on “Good Morning America” while dancing. “I love every minute of it.” She went on to say, jokingly, “I went viral and i feel fine!”

She now has her own shop on Shopify where you can buy a t-shirt that says, “Dance Like Nana’s Watching” if you’re interested you can get it here. If you want to see another brilliant dancing nana click here.

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