Happy Baby Gets Emotional When Mother Sings Opera

Jenn uploaded a video of her singing to her baby boy and ended up recording a viral hit. The video clearly shows how young children can feel music, even before they can talk. Baby George loves it when his mother sings heavy metal, laughing and begging for more but when she sings opera, his whole world changes and he becomes super emotional.

This fascinating video instantly went viral when Jenn uploaded the video to YouTube as people love watching the purest of emotions that can be brought on through the sound of music.

Music is a common language we all share. Even animals and babies can join in with the emotions that listening to music can create. In the video below a young baby called “Alder” can be seen listening to a Karen Carpenter song called “I Know I Need To Be In Love”. Throughout the song sung by a woman named Annie, he starts trying to join in even though he is yet to say his first words.

The heart-melting video caught the attention of millions of people on YouTube within a few weeks of being uploaded. The video now sits at over 9.4 million views. The power music has to inspire and affect the emotions of living creatures is very well documented and like this video of Alder, there are some wonderful clips that showcase this.

One of our favourite street entertainers who never fails to get people on the streets dancing, including the kids, is Borja Catanesi. His vibing guitar solos have this little girl dancing around in the street without a care in the world. She became completely fascinated with the street performer and hung around for over 30 minutes after listening to him play “Despacito”.

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