Watch This Human Vs Human Statue Dance Battle In A Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall Dance Battle


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Human statues are one of the most popular street entertainment acts you’ll come across when traveling through tourist destinations. However, not all of them do anything other than, well…be a statue.

Which is why this video below of a human statue called “Eclypse” having a dance off with Noah Kenaley in a shopping mall has gotten so popular! Watch their epic dance off in the video below.

Since uploading the video in 2013, Noah has gained over 20 million views. The dance sparing duo would obviously have to create part two to this intriguing public dance off that so many enjoyed watching.

That is exactly what they did. Noah met Eclypse again, this time on the street and dancing to “Promises” by Skrillex (Nero Remix). The dancing duo created another fan favourite video hitting over 2 million views on the video below.

However, not all human statues dance, in fact, the exact opposite Isn’t the real skill is staying so still that people actually believe you’re a statue? Known as “The Bronze Cowboy” this next video is a wonderful piece of journalism from Wonder World who explain the story behind this brilliant human statue.

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