Rock ‘n’ Roll Police Sit Down And Perform On A Public Piano Entertaining Passers-By

How often do you see two policemen casually stroll up to a public piano and start playing some hardcore rock ‘n’ roll tunes? Well, there is always a spectacle on offer when Brendan Kavanagh and Terry Miles are in the building.

The two hi-vis pianists made a b-line for the public piano before erupting into some upbeat boogie-woogie and rock ‘n’ roll tunes. A crowd quickly formed full of commuters and travelers intrigued by the unusual scene on display. Watch the policemen rock the train station in the video below.

About Terry Miles (Second officer to play)

Terry Miles (Terence Andrew Miles) is a pianist and songwriter from England who specilises in boogie-woogie piano. He has played in multiple different bands throughout his musical career and has also been a session musician, a solo artist but now his YouTube channel is his main musical outlet.

Terry opened his YouTube channel in 2009 and has since gained over 176 million views across all of his videos. His main focus has been recording piano videos in public places such as train stations, airports etc. These public piano videos have been very successful for Terry as his music is upbeat and stimulating for crowds. This usually results in crowd engagement, making an amusing viral-style video.

About Brendan Kavanagh (First officer to play)

Brendan Kavanagh is a piano and piano accordion player from London of Irish descent. He works as a piano teacher and performer and runs a very popular channel on Youtube with more than 1.2 million followers.

Kavanagh, or “Dr. K”, as he calls himself, mostly performs in open venues with public pianos like London Central Station. While he specializes in Boogie Woogie, he mixes it with classical, jazz, rock’n’roll, and many different other genres. In the video below, you can see the heartwarming moment a little girl dressed in yellow shows up to dance alongside the pianist in the middle of a shopping center.

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