Crying Baby Hypnotized By Dad Playing Soothing Piano Reaches 1.6M Views

As any parent knows, there are few sounds more distressing than a baby’s cry.

It speaks to our deepest instincts, and we’ll do anything to soothe them. Sometimes a feed or a change is all it takes, but at other times the baby seems to cry for no reason.

It’s very common to try to entertain and distract crying babies when this happens. Some parents choose to dangle a brightly coloured mobile, and others put on the tv or YouTube to play a distracting video. However, not every parent both soothes their baby and makes a YouTube video of their own at the same time.

One dad fell back on a traditional method to calm down a baby, music. What makes this father unique, though, is that rather than playing a lullaby, he chooses to play one of Liszt’s most challenging and demanding compositions, La Campanella.

At the start of the video, he has his sobbing bundle of joy cradled to his chest in a sling. This is a good start as this position is already designed to comfort a child. It nestles them up against their parent’s chest so they can feel and hear the calming sound of mum or dad’s heartbeat. Admittedly, it doesn’t seem to be doing much for the baby at this moment, though!

When dad starts to play, the effect is instantaneous. The little one begins to settle down and stops crying. As the melody continues, there is the occasional cry to break through the exquisite piano playing, but it really is like night and day from how the baby cried at the start. Dad’s skill is incredibly impressive, but that’s just for viewers of the video to appreciate. Baby just enjoys the soothing, relaxing quality of the song.

Dad goes by the name Mr Forte on YouTube and uploads lots of videos of him playing the piano. However, his video with him and his baby appear to be equally popular. This isn’t surprising as seeing the music stopping the baby’s cries really is heartwarming.

It appears the baby was around eleven months old when this video was recorded. There have also been other videos uploaded where he gently presses the keys. Maybe a career in music is waiting in this baby’s future. If you want to see more from this musical prodigy go subscribe to this YouTube channel for more videos.

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