Christopher Maloney Fights Through The Nerves To Give Touching Performance On The X Factor

When we all watch talent shows like The X Factor, cuddled up in our homes in front of the television, it’s easy to assume that performing on stage for the nation wouldn’t be too hard. Of course, nerves would be there, but how hard could it be, right? In today’s article, we look at a contestant who shows that stagefright is a very real thing, and how he warmed the hearts of the nation in an instant.

Christopher Maloney, a 34-year-old customer service advisor from Liverpool, had never participated in anything like The X Factor up until this point. It took him five years just to build up the courage to attend. When he showed up on stage, he was a shaking bundle of nerves, but his smile and honesty showed his loving character, which warmed him up to the crowd and vice versa. Watch his performance in the video below:

Before his performance, he revealed that he didn’t realize just how big the crowd was going to be. He knew that the crowd would bring nerves, but he filled out and then promptly ripped up the application form several times before ultimately committing to the audition, which shows both his nerves and how much he cared about performing. Despite this, his family helped him build up the courage to attend.

His biggest supporter is his grandmother, who he moved in with to support after her partner – Christopher’s grandfather – passed away, which shows how dedicated he is to his family. So much so that he dedicated his audition to his late grandfather by performing The Rose by Bette Midler, which was played at his funeral as a celebration of his life. Watch the original version of The Rose by Bette Midler in the video below:

To begin with, it didn’t seem as though Christopher would even begin singing with how nervous he was, which made both the crowd and the judges anxious for him. What they weren’t expecting, however, was the powerful bellow that came from him when he eventually began to sing this Bette Midler classic, which shocked the nation and brought forth an eruption of cheer for this dedicated man.

After a standing ovation, Christopher brings his biggest influence – his grandmother – onto the stage with him to the judges, who praise him on both his character and his performance. They also comment on his nerves and try to encourage him to believe in himself more so that he can nourish his talent to his full potential.

Despite not being picked by coach Gary Barlow as one of his three acts to enter the live stages of the competition, the public voted Christopher back into the competition via wildcard, and was given a chance to compete in the final. While he did not win, he did manage to secure a record deal with Tristar Records and release his debut single, “My Heart Belongs To You”, before opening two music academies to help nurture the younger talent of Liverpool and Merseyside. If you would like to see more from Christopher Maloney, you can follow him on Facebook.

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