British Gymnastic Performance Group 4G Shock Britain’s Got Talent Audience

Talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent are an excellent opportunity to showcase hidden talents and fantastic feats of human improvisation that can shock us silly. While some acts are simply exciting and enjoyable, others stay with us long after they’ve left our TV sets; 4G – a men’s artistic gymnastic group from the UK who wowed both the audience and the BGT judges during their audition.

Gymnastics has always been understood as a serious physical exercise, but 4G aimed to inspire a generation by showing the masses that exercise, and gymnastics in general, can be both impressive and entertaining if applied in the right way. Despite their mistakes during their performance, as noted by the judges, they succeeded in their audition and progressed through the competition. This novel approach helped them with the audience in their audition, which you can watch in the video below:

Before their performance, it was revealed to Britain’s Got Talent’s host, Stephen Mulhern, that one of the members of 4G only has one lung. This is an incredible feat to be able to perform strenuous, continuous gymnastic routines in performance and maintain the same energy as the other members, with only one lung! This alone is a sign of all the members’ incredible talent and physical control, and they made their performance look easy in front of the crowd.

Gymnastic acts in the entertainment industry are incredibly popular, from the likes of everyday circus performances to the elegance of the Cirque Du Soleil, who have been long-established as the bastion for gymnastic performances. Their name is Quebecois for “Church Of The Sun”, and they are known as the best contemporary circus producer in the world, with dazzling performances that tour the globe. Watch one of their mesmerizing performances in the video below:

During their act, 4G is a joy to watch. Their flexibility and athleticism are evident, with each stride, leap, bound, roll, and movement choreographed with precision and intent in each step. Needless to say, the audience loved every second, especially when the quartet decided to take their tops off to reveal, as Judge Amanda Holden later says, “serious six packs”. The act was bound to score a few additional points from the audience with this, but it was their talent that truly stole the show.

Unfortunately for 4G, however, their journey on Britain’s Got Talent was rather short-lived as they were eliminated from the competition before the semi-finals. The rest of the competition was fierce, but they did not back down as they re-entered the competition the following year. Before their second audition, it was revealed that one of the members injured their leg during rehearsal, which limited what they could do in their actual audition.

Despite the setback of the injury, 4G still managed to get through the audition stage of the competition but, again, failed to reach the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent. The act has seemed to be inactive on social media since its last performance, but hopefully, it isn’t the last that we see of this talented group of individuals. If you would like to see more from 4G, you can follow them on Facebook.

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