Dancing Older Lady Joins Busker Bringing The Street To A Standstill

Dancing Older Lady Showcases Her Awesome Moves


Sometimes you just feel the beat and the rhythm takes over. This is exactly what happened to this lovely lady in the center of town whilst she was walking her dog. She heard the beatboxing of a street artist who goes by the name “PowerBeat” on YouTube and she started performing in front of the crowd in the street.

Large TV channels such as ITV (UK TV station) reported on the fascinating moment. Watch the brilliant video below.

She’s not the first dancing older person to take over the internet…

The Music Man has seen a few brilliant older ladies who still have the moves of a 20-year-old. In the video below watch a woman trow shapes to “Rhythm Of The Night” in broad daylight. Some people have speculated that the video below is a hoax and actually is a younger person in disguise, however, we like to believe it’s a very happy older woman living her best life!

Last, but definitely not least, is another dancing lady who joins in the youth during a rave. She quickly becomes the center of attention. These videos are so interesting to watch because it is proof that no matter your age, or where you are, you can get down and enjoy yourself like anyone else. Music has the power to bring us together and create some of the most extraordinary moments, don’t ever fight it.

So whatever your age, you can still show off your moves, whether it’s in the middle of the day, or you find yourself at a rave and the music takes you – just let it all go 🙂

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