Five-Year-Old Girl Steals The Show With Hilarious Dance Moves At Preschool Performance

As much as all parents love their kids, we must admit that all the school concerts and graduations parents have to sit through don’t make for the most riveting performances. That was not the case at a recent pre-school graduation in Ohio, though!

The class of five-year-olds was singing the popular “Tooty Ta” song, and most of the children were swaying together in time with the music. That was not enough for a little girl called Lily. Although the song is designed to get kids moving, she decided to take it to the next level! Following every element of the lyrics, she decided to get her boogie on and dance like everyone was watching.

In no time at all, she was moving with the beat as she put her thumbs up, pushed her elbows back, and brought her knees together. Sticking out her tongue and closing her eyes added the perfect finishing touches to the show-stealing performance.

She threw herself into it with an enthusiasm and lack of self-consciousness we all wish we had. Luckily for us, this magical moment was captured on video by her grandmother Martina Blair who describes Lily as “our hysterical little blessing.”

Following this heartwarming but hilarious dance, Martina chose to upload the video to social media. These are rough times, and she wanted to give the people who saw it a reason to smile.

It certainly seems to have worked. It has been viewed an astonishing 12 million times in just two days! It has also gone viral on YouTube. If you haven’t checked out this wonderful little girl, do yourself a favour and do it now here.

The only question next is whether Lily will continue to sing and dance, throw herself into arts and crafts or continue her love of Disney. Whatever she chooses, though, it’ll be fabulous.

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