Energetic Dancing Child Joins Buskers Bringing The Street To A Standstill

A little girl has wowed the crowd on Grafton Street in Dublin with her amazing dancing. Irish band Stray Melody are no strangers to Grafton Street, busking there regularly for the entertainment of passers-by. I’m sure after many sets, they feel like they’ve seen everything. One little girl showed them how wrong they were, watch what happened in the video below.

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Just as they were playing a beautiful mash-up of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen and Closer by The Chainsmokers feat Halsey, a young girl began to dance in front of them. Both the band and the crowd looked quizzical at first and then transfixed as she continued to dance with such joy and abandon that even the hardest heart would melt.

Dressed in a bright yellow coat and with gloriously wild curls, she stood out easily and soon the Dublin street was at a standstill as everyone enjoyed her performance.

The fantastic skill this young lady displayed suggests she’s either had some training or is a very gifted amateur. She moved perfectly in time to music, performing intricate steps and pulled off a superb set of spins.

The band themselves shared this video on YouTube and Instagram, and it has received a lot of love. Stray Melody admitted she stole the show that day:“Sometimes amazing things can happen when you perform on the street. This young dancer came out of nowhere during our set yesterday and brought Grafton Street to a standstill with her epic moves!”

At the end of the number, a member of the crowd tried to give her money, but that wasn’t why she danced, and she refused the offer before running back to Mum. The only sad part of this amazing performance is we don’t know who she is, but whoever she is, it’s safe to say she’s a star in the making.

If you want to see more from the band playin in the video, Stray Melody, check out their YouTube channel.

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