Baby Busker Has The Whole Street Laughing For Hours

This might just be the most unusual street artist you’ll ever see. If not, then you’ve really seen it all!

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In the video below, a street artist performing in “Viña del Mar”, Chile, showcases an act called “A Baby Lost In Viña del Mar”. The baby must busk to raise money to be able to find its mother.

The act is rather unusual but super creative as the “baby” wines, cries and laughs whilst holding a large crowd of tourists fully engaged.

We’re not sure who this street artist is, maybe it actually was a lost baby? However, there have been other sightings of a similar act, or maybe the same act. In the video below, you can see another baby lost, this time in Tenerife.

If you have ever come across the “Lost Baby” on your travels, please let us know in the comments on Facebook. We would love to know who this street artist is to be able to give full credit.

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