Dog And Owner Dance To “Let’s Twist Again” Showcasing Their Wonderful Connection

Doggy Dancing To The Twist

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This is Átila Rodrigues a dog lover and trainer who believes that every tutor has the ability to create a strong, healthy connection with their four-legged friends through multiple different avenues, including music and dancing! Átila says his dog is his best friend and you can tell from their brilliant videos his Border Collie agrees!

Átila combines obedience training, dancing and tricks and competes in a sport called “Canine Freestyle”. He believes this type of performance and training allows trainers to create an unmatchable connection with their pets.

His main focus is his animal’s well-being. Stating that it is “a crucial factor for the choreography to be performed with joy and this is one of the criteria for evaluation”. In the video below to two best friends perform a wonderful piece of choreography to “Bella Ciao”.

Átila doesn’t just train his dogs, he helps people to build an “unshakable bond with their dogs”. Through training and performance he teaches his student everything he knows and aims to make both the dogs and their owners form a fantastic relationship.

The video of Átila performing “Let’s Twist Again” went viral in 2020 and resulted in him being asked to participate in two national shows including one on “Globo TV channel” an international pay to watch TV channel in Brazil.

If you want to see more from this fantastic dancing couple subscribe to Átila Rodrigues’ YouTube channel and watch all of their fantastic videos.

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