Amy Sinostage Chinese Hip-Hop Dance Prodigy

Ju Pung Rung AKA: Amy

There are a few different names floating around the internet for this dance prodigy called Amy, such as; Amy Sinostage, Ju Pung Rung, and Amy Zhu. However, from our research, they all seem to be the same young hip-hop dancing talent from China known simply as Amy (Instagram: @sinostage_amy)

Amy has appeared on high-profile television shows, such a The Ellen Show in the USA, and has grown a following of over 320K on Instagram all before reaching 10 years old.

The Chinese hip-hop dancer has been dancing since she was just 4 years old. Her passion has been the driving force behind her incredible success at such a young age. Her mother contacted a dance studio called Sinostage near where they lived in Chengdu and signed her up for a few classes. It wasn’t long before she fell in love with the dance scene there.

Amy has faced criticism in her home country where some believe the way she is portrayed by the industry is a little explicit for her age, however, Amy has said, “I feel happy when I am dancing” and continues to pursue her career.

This amazing young talent is years ahead of her age in terms of skill, dedication, and soul. With already achieving so much in her first 10 years on this planet, who knows where this young hip-hop prodigy will end up in the future. Certainly, one to watch!

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If you want to follow some of Amy’s latest work you can follow her Instagram account.

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